Add a touch of style and sophistication with a new piece from these famed watch and jewellery brands now available in-store at duty free prices:

Discover the beauty of Aurora Ammolite jewellery where every piece is unique. Created over millions of years by elemental forces at the base of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, before being handcrafted into stunning jewellery pieces, these exquisite one-of-a-kind beauties are waiting for you at duty free prices in our YVR stores.

Uncover the innovation and perfection of Baume & Mercier.

With a history of innovative and award winning watchmaking dating back to 1830, the luxury Swiss brand’s success continues based on their belief of tradition and fine workmanship.

Find your new timepiece in our duty free watch & jewellery stores across YVR.

Discover the essence of British luxury with the latest from the Burberry house of fashion. Known for its iconic trench coat and distinctive tartan patter, today the 160 year old company offers YVR customers an exciting collection of outerwear, bags, fashion accessories, fragrances and sunglasses – all at duty free prices.

Be the desire of others with a prized possession from the famed Italian jewelry house of Bvlgari. Featuring a stunning collection of fine jewellery, watches, fragrances and accessories, Bvlgari’s history of innovation and bold spirit drives the 130 year old legend of design to continue to evolve and expand.

Flaunt your Italian luxury side with the latest Bvlgari collection in our YVR duty free stores.

Makers of the world’s finest timepieces and inventor of the wristwatch, the luxury French design house of Cartier brings their exquisite watch collection to YVR. Including some pieces exclusive to North America, discover the elegance, history, craftsmanship and stunning designs of Cartier on your next trip through YVR.

British luxury for the discerning gentleman, discover the history and sharp stylings of London based Dunhill.

Founded in the late 1800s and specialists in leather goods and accessories, sport the new range of Dunhill bags, watches, jewellery and fashion accessories from our duty free stores in YVR.

Discover the Italian luxury stylings of Etro with a new assortment of ready-to-wear designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, leather goods, textiles and perfumes.

Known for its Paisley patterns, innovative combinations of silk, cashmere, linen and cotton, and seasonal handbag collection, the family owned Etro is synonymous with high style and Italian craftsmanship. Discover more on your next trip through our duty free stores in YVR.

Manufacturer of luxury Swiss wrist watches, Frederique Constant brings their collection of innovative modern-classic designs to YVR.

Luxurious and revolutionary, find your new Frederique Constant timepiece in our watch stores on your next trip through YVR.

Colourful, fun and stylish, Folli Follie gives YVR shoppers exclusive access to their exciting collection of handbags, jewellery, watches and fashion accessories.

Living by its philosophy of original design and sale of a fun, versatile and affordable luxury, find your colour and Greek style with the latest collection in our YVR duty free stores.

Renowned for luxury and Italian craftsmanship, explore the fine stylings and exquisite quality of Gucci’s watch and sunglass collection in our YVR duty free stores.

Designers of the young, the sexy and the adventurous, for over the 30 years the European influenced luxury American brand Guess has been at the forefront of modern luxury with its exciting collection of handbags, stylish watches and designer luggage. Discover our Guess collection on your next trip through YVR.

American spirit, Swiss precision and over 120 years of history culminate to bring you the luxury watches collection by Hamilton. Discover the history and prestige of the Hamilton watch on your next trip through YVR.

The house of Hermès is the very embodiment of elegance and prestige. Timeless French craftsmanship with sophistication and style awaits you at our duty free Hermès boutique featuring the legendary company’s collection of leather bags, men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, home décor and fragrances – all at duty free prices.

One of the world’s oldest luxury designer brands specialising in leather goods and silk items, the Spanish luxury fashion house of Loewe was founded as a cooperative of leather artisans in Madrid in 1846.

Heritage and craftsmanship infused with a commitment to modern stylings and excellence has ensured the luxury Spanish house’s continued worldwide expansion as it moves toward celebrating 170 years of innovation.

Find your new look with our collection of bags, clothes, jewellery and accessories from the iconic Spanish brand in our duty free YVR stores on your next trip.

Producing watches since 1832 leap into Longines world of elegance, tradition and performance with a new timepiece from the Swiss masters. With close ties to the sporting world dating back to the late 1800s Olympics, find your new modern-classic watch from the historic luxury brand on your next trip through our duty free YVR watch & jewellery stores.

Discover the timeless beauty of Montblanc’s writing instruments and leather goods in our duty free stores at YVR.

The fathers of fine writing, the century old German luxury brand is uncompromising on quality evident by its craftsmanship reflected in all of its products…

Renowned for excellence, precision and prestige, the century old Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega is one of the world’s leading premium brands that boasts being the first watch on the moon and a feature of James Bond films since the mid-90s.

Find your new masterful Omega timepiece in our watch & jewellery duty free stores on your next trip through YVR.

Express your individuality with the modern affordable luxury jewellery and charms of Pandora. Founded in 1982 in Denmark, today Pandora is one of the world’s largest jewellery brands.

Life is filled with special moments and unforgettable memories – celebrate your special memories and tell your story with the latest from our duty free Pandora collection on your next visit through our watches & jewellery stores in YVR.

Discover the collection of luxury Swiss watches for men and women from Rado on your next trip through YVR.

Known for using high-tech materials, unique designs and a pioneer in scratch proof watches, founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of watch movements, it wasn’t until 1957 that Rado released its first collection of watches.

Now one of the world’s leading affordable luxury watchmakers, visit our watch & jewellery stores on your next trip through YVR and find your masterful Rado timepiece.

Famed for making and fitting shoes for Hollywood’s leading ladies of the 1920s – 1950s, today the family owned Italian luxury fashion empire of Salvatore Ferragamo celebrates almost 90 years in the fashion industry. Known for innovative shoe designs, Ferragamo has evolved into a worldwide modern fashion house with exciting collections of men’s and women’s clothing, bags, shoes and accessories.

Find your luxury Italian shoes, stylish leather bags, and exciting fashion accessories from the house of Ferragamo at duty free prices in our stores on your next trip through YVR.

Revolutionising the fashion world since its foundation over 120 years ago, Swarovski is the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystal or fashion and jewellery.

Still family owned today, the Austrian company provides YVR travellers an exciting array of the companies leading jewellery and crystal figurines.

Visit our collection of enchanting Swarovski products on your next visit to our duty free watch & jewellery stores in YVR.

Connecting time with art, the innovative Swatch or ‘Second Watch’ took the world by storm when it was launched in 1983.

Moving away from traditional watchmaking to using plastics, the Swiss watchmaking giant has continued to revolutionize the industry with its uniqueness that allows wearers to express who they are.

Find your new fun Swatch in our duty free watch & jewellery stores on your next trip through YVR.

Revolutionising luxury timepieces since its foundation in 1860, Tag Heuer has created a name for itself by producing irresistible timepieces for men and women.

Innovative, high-precision timekeeping and cutting edge designs have made Tag Heuer one of the world’s top prestigious watch brands. With more than 150 years’ experience, at the heart of the Swiss-made premium luxury brand’s success is innovation, challenge and performance.

Find your new timepiece in our duty free watch & jewellery stores on your next trip through YVR.

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Tissot has been pioneering craftsmanship and innovation since its foundation in 1853. With a commitment to making excellence accessible and featuring high-quality timepieces at an attractive price, the innovative spirit and respect for tradition has led Tissot to where it is today.

With revolutionary products including the first anti-magnetic watch in 1930 and the first plastic mechanical movement in 1971 (which a decade later became known as the Swatch Watch), Tissot is one of the world’s leading luxury timepiece manufactures and responsible for time keeping some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events.

Visit our duty free watches & jewellery stores on your next visit through YVR to sport your new Tissot watch.