With over 400 styles available in a variety of shapes and sizes from these designer brands, you’ll find the perfect fit to define your look while protecting your eyes:

Discover the love, femininity and grace of Chloe with the luxury French design house’s sunglasses collection.

Founded in 1952 and famed for the concept of ready-to-wear luxury, today Chloé continues its dedication to women through its fashion, eyewear, accessory and fragrance lines that are loyal to its strong values of femininity, effortlessness, grace, modern and free-spirited.

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Embrace the spirit of New York with your next pair of modern luxury American designer sunglasses from the Coach fashion house. Featuring the latest style, shape, sizes and fit for men and women, your new premier luxury sunwear by Coach awaits you in our YVR duty free sunglasses stores.

Fashionable and stylish, lively and contemporary – discover the latest catwalk inspired wearable Emporio Armani sunglasses for men and women from the luxury Italian house of Armani.

Embrace the retro and modern classic look of Fendi as you explore the luxury Italian’s fashion house’s exquisite designer sunglass range in our YVR duty free stores.

A must-have for the fashionably discerned, embrace the Italian luxury and modern stylings as you add the contemporary sophistication and timeless elegance of Giorgio Armani to your look with the latest sunglasses from the luxury house of Armani.

World renowned award winning luxury designer, Michael Kors, and his house of fashion brings you glamour with their timeless, luxury chic lifestyle eyewear. Be the envy of all with the latest Michael Kors sunglasses now available in our World Duty Free YVR duty free stores.

Embrace the dynamic and playful attitude of the Mui Mui sunglass range from the Italian luxury fashion house of Prada. Embracing, elegant, sophisticated – inspire and enhance your style with a new pair of Mui Mui sunglasses.

Change the way you see with world as you slip on a pair of Mau Jim’s innovative sunglasses. Created on the Hawaiian Islands to combat the intense glare, enhance the brilliant colours of island life and protect your eyes from harmful UV, see the brilliance as you explore the shapes, sizes and styles of Maui Jim for both men and women.

Look good while protecting your eyes with cutting edge sunglasses from Oakley. World renowned in sporting eyewear innovation, find your perfect pair with our array of men’s and women’s Oakley sunglasses available in a variety of shapes, colours, styles, and shades.

Revel in the history and American stylings of the iconic Ray Ban. Creator of the original ‘aviator’ for the American Air Force in the 1930s, today the innovative company offers a complete range of must-have functional and fashionable men’s and women’s sunglasses featuring a high level of clarity, comfort and protection.

The elegance of Tiffany & Co. in the form of sunglasses is now available at World Duty Free in YVR. Inspired by their jewellery collection and defined by a history of craftsmanship and unexpected details, add a touch of class and sophistication to your outfit with the elegant stylings of Tiffany sunglasses.

The timeless chic stylings and bohemian luxury of Tory Burch sunglasses add the right ‘little something’ to any outfit, ensuring you’re always ‘in style’. Discover the grace and shield your eyes in style with the latest Tory Burch sunglasses on your next trip through our YVR duty free stores.