We stock the latest collections from the world’s leading cosmetic, skincare and fragrance brands for men and women. See below information on the brands you’ll find in our duty free beauty stores on your next trip through YVR:

Protect and rejuvenate your skin with the luxury French anti-aging skincare, sun protective moisturizers, cleansers, slimming creams and fragrances of Biotherm.

A pioneer in skin biology since 1952 when thermal plankton was discovered in the Pyrenees and added to skincare products, Biotherm has continued its use of thermal plankton and other lifeforms from the depths of the world’s waters to hydrate, protect, tone, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin and your senses.

Biotherm’s collection today features men’s and women’s cleansers and exfoliators, moisturizers, anti-aging, serums and masks, toners, makeup removers, eye and lip care, fragrances and other specialist treatments that also hydrate, repair, lift and revitalize.

Find your range of Biotherm skincare at duty free prices in our Beauty stores in YVR.

Find your fresh and modern look with the natural tones of the world’s number one makeup artist brand founded by a woman, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Starting out with a simple idea of natural looking makeup and a lipstick that looks like lips, Bobbi Brown began her makeup line with the launch of 10 lipsticks in 1990, following a successful decade as the go-to natural look makeup artist in New York City.

Continuing to expand her range, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics today features an impressive collection of makeup and skincare that you can discover in our duty free Beauty stores.

Discover the essence of British beauty with Burberry’s luxury fragrance collection.

Historically known for its iconic trench coat, the luxury British fashion house has continued to evolve in the world of fashion and accessories since its foundation in 1856, first making a move into men’s fragrances in 1981, and more recently with an impressive collection of women’s luxury fragrances and makeup.

Show your British side with a new luxury Burberry fragrance from our Beauty stores in the International and US Terminals.

Be the desire of others with the latest Bvlgari luxury Italian fragrance.

Bvlagri’s history of innovation and a bold spirit has driven the famed jewelry house into a 130 year old legend of design that has continued to evolve and expand into the world of watches, accessories and fragrances for men and women.

Discover your new luxury fragrances with Bvlagri’s high-end fragrance collection from our beauty stores.

Recapture your style with the modern fragrance collection from legendary American Calvin Klein fashion house.

Intriguing, mysterious and evocative – Calvin Klein’s signature modern-classic fragrance collection are waiting for you at our duty free Beauty stores in YVR.

Uncover the French elegance and colours of Chanel with their latest makeup, skincare and fragrance collection from the world’s best known perfume house.

Famed for the world’s best-selling fragrance, Chanel No. 5, the century old luxury French fashion house of Coco Chanel has long been the name of high-end beauty and style.

Find your piece of history and your new style as you discover the elegance and class of Chanel’s skincare, makeup and fragrances in our Beauty stores in both the International and US Terminals.

Discover the love, femininity and grace of this French design house’s signature fragrance collection.

Founded in 1952 and famed for the concept of ready-to-wear luxury, today Chloé continues its dedication to women through its fashion and fragrance lines that are loyal to its strong values: femininity, effortlessness, grace, modernity and free-spirited.

Add the grace of Chloé to your fragrance collection with a visit to our beauty stores.

Flourish in the elegance and style of the latest luxury French makeup, skincare and fragrances from the house of Dior.

Known for its classic fashion style and the Miss Dior fragrance line since launching in 1947, today you can enjoy the French traditions of Christian Dior with its high-end collection of men’s and women’s fragrances, brilliant makeup shakes and revitalizing skincare.

Discover the collection in our World Duty Free Beauty stores located in both the International and US Terminals.

World renowned French luxury cosmetics company, Clarins brings you their prestige collection of leading skincare.

With a belief that happiness is inextricably linked to beauty, Clarins began in Paris in 1954 by a masseur who developed and sold treatment oils claimed to firm the skin.

Taking beauty seriously and with a plan to make life more beautiful, Clarins’ innovative skincare collection for men and women has built the family run company into the No.1 European Luxury skincare brand.

Take care of your look with the Clarins skincare range in our duty free Beauty stores.

Unearth the Japanese secrets of beauty with the award winning Cle de peau skincare and makeup collection.

Making its debut in 1982, Clé de peau has been advancing the future of limitless beauty, through its Neuro-Skin theory which states that skin has the ability to think and process information, and through that, skin can live a more radiant life, regardless of age.

Using unique optical technology that transforms light into radiance, the high-end luxury cosmetics by Cle de peau’s Beauté (French for ‘the key to skin’), is a true combination of Japan’s skincare intelligence with French elegance.

Let Cle de peau’s radiance become you. Discover the collection of makeup and skincare in our YVR duty free Beauty stores on your next trip.

Rediscover your style with the prestige American skincare, cosmetics and fragrances of world renowned Clinique.

Starting out in 1968 with the theory that skin can be made beautiful, Clinique brought a dermatological approach to cosmetics and introduced the world famous three-step skincare system: a daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising routine.

Clinique’s continued development also led to the introduction of the world’s first ever dermatologist-created, allergy-tested, 100% fragrance-free collection of beauty products.

Now one of the biggest skincare and cosmetics brands on the market, find all your makeup, customised skincare and allergy-tested fragrance needs with our Clinique beauty collection.

Let the luxury Italian fashion house of Dolce&Gabanna help express your mood with the latest collection of their unmissable fragrances.

Offering lavish fragrances for both men and women, get your hands on the latest classic fragrances from the designers that bring you Italian elegance and style. Visit our duty free Beauty Stores on your new visit through YVR.

Discover beauty with the time-tested high-performing skincare, makeup and fragrances of Estee Lauder.

Since it was founded in 1946 with four cosmetics products and a simple belief that every women can be beautiful, the Estee Lauder house of beauty has grown and transformed into an advanced skincare, makeup and fragrances company for men and women with an extensive collection of innovative beauty treatments to keep you young, revitalized and radiant.

Discover the history and innovation of Estee Lauder through their collection of beauty products in our YVR duty free Beauty stores.

Italian elegance from the world of Armani brings you their luxury fragrance collection.

One of the most celebrated and influential Italian designers, the Armani fragrance collection for men and women offer an equally skillful blend of beautiful raw materials that are timeless and vibrant, fluid and simple, sensual, romantic, comforting, classic and captivating.

Treat yourself to the gift of elegance with Armani from our Beauty stores in YVR.

Known for its classic fragrances and the ‘Givenchy style’, the French luxury design house brings you the heart and passion of French perfumes.

Givenchy’s name and legacy have been synonymous with Parisian chic since its first haute couture launch in 1952. Loved by Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor to Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy made the move into perfumes after making a personal fragrance for Audrey Hepburn.

Discover the history and elegance of Givenchy on your next trip through YVR.

The world renowned luxury Italian fashion house of Gucci brings you their collection of modern classic fragrances for men and women.

Known for fashion innovation and impeccable Italian craftsmanship, the casual, high-end traditional Italian designer brand has been producing its luxury fragrances since 1993.

Enlighten your senses with the latest fragrances from the house of Gucci on your next trip through YVR.

Discover the rich traditions of the modern French fragrances, skincare and makeup for men and women from one of the oldest perfume houses in the world.

Since its foundation in 1828, Guerlain has created over 300 fragrances, including colognes for French Emperor Napoleon III in 1853.

With respect for tradition and a feel for innovation at its heart, today Guerlian features an extensive collection of traditional, innovative and creative fragrances, skincare and makeup styles for men and women.

Be a part of fragrance history with something special from the Guerlian collection in our duty free Beauty stores.

Uncover the history and class of Hermès through their creative collection of fragrances that touch the heart and speak directly to the senses.

Nature reinvented, unexpected and poetic, discover Hermessence, the soul of perfume with tradition, class and elegance for both men and women.

Visit our duty free Hermes store in the International Terminal on your next trip through YVR to find your Hermessence.

Open up to the world of Hugo Boss with the latest fragrances for men and women from the world renowned German luxury fashion house.

Known for fashionable men’s apparel since 1923 and its collection of modern fragrances since 1984, dynamic and timeless or dazzling and feminine, Hugo Boss’ top-selling scents are a major leader in the global fragrance marketplace and now available for you in our duty free Beauty stories.

Enlighten your senses with the famous fragrances of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Producing fragrances for men and women for over 20 years now, Jean Paul Gaultier first appeared in the fashion industry as an edgy designer on the Paris runway shows, before creating film costumes and musician outfits including those for two Madonna tours in the 1990s.

Explore the collection of modern fragrances from the edgy designer in our Beauty stores on your next trip through YVR.

Be seduced by the French-Japanese luxury fragrance collection of the Kenzo high fashion house.

After making it big in the French designer in the 1970s and moving into fragrances with the successful launch of Kenzo for Women in 1988, Kenzo’s luxury fragrance collection are both surprising and captivating.

Let your senses be teased and surprised as you explore our luxury Kenzo fragrances collection.

Experience healthier, more radiant and younger looking skin with our Kheil’s premium skincare products.

Founded as a pharmacy in New York in 1851, natural ingredients have always played an important part in Kheil’s skincare history, with the specialists using botanical extracts and naturally-derived ingredients for their skin benefits, not aesthetics.

Discover the history and the benefits of Kheil’s skincare range from our duty free Beauty Stores on your next trip through YVR.

Transform your skin with the healing power of the award winning high-end La Mer skincare range.

Created by a NASA physicist to treat severe chemical burns, La Mer’s legendary nutrient-rich Miracle Broth, the heart of their entire skincare line, uses the sea’s healing power of fermented kelp combined with other natural ingredients to give it its powers of transformation.

See for yourself how La Mer’s Miracle Broth immerses your skin in moisture, sooth sensitivities and restores radiance with a visit our duty free Beauty stores.

Celebrate beauty and French elegance with Lancôme’s luxury perfumes, skincare and cosmetics range in our duty free Beauty stores at YVR.

One of the world’s largest luxury skincare companies, Lancome’s origins began as a fragrance house in 1935 before expanding into skincare in 1936 with the same multi-tasking skin repair cream available today.

Celebrating 80 years of success in 2015, Lancôme has epitomized beauty and glamour with a quintessential French touch. Visit our Beauty stores in YVR to find your high-quality Lancôme skincare collection at duty free prices.

Discover the scientific anti-aging skincare range from the luxury Swiss house of la prairie.

A pioneer in cellular anti-ageing therapies, for nearly 40 years la prairie has harnessed ingredients both rare and beneficial in their commitment to excellence, luxury and the science of age-defying skincare with the quest for timeless beauty.

Combining luxury, innovative technology, cutting edge biotechnology and their patented cellular complex formulations, la prairie’s age-delaying fortifiers help reinvigorate the skin and relieve the first visible hints of aging.

See the exclusive age-defying range from la prairie in our beauty stores on your next trip through YVR.

Appreciate the high quality beauty and fragrance collection of the Mediterranean lifestyle inspired L’Occitane skincare range.

Developed in celebration of traditional Provence (France) methods and using the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy, L’Occitane offers a unique collection of fragrances for men and women.

Inspired by the natural scents of the French countryside with fragrances that evoke memories, excite moods and enhance the spirit, you too can take a piece of the French countryside with you on your next trip with a visit to our YVR duty free Beauty shops.

Find your edge with the makeup colour line from of Canadian homegrown M·A·C at our duty free Beauty stores in YVR.

Founded in Toronto (Canada) by a makeup artist and photographer and a beauty salon owner frustrated by the lack makeup colours that shoot well with photography, the two entrepreneurs began making and selling their makeup from the salon.

With makeup artists, models, photographers, stylists and editors as customers, and with every colour and every magazine credit, word-of-mouth popularity grew and M·A·C became THE studio makeup line for professionals. In March 1984, the duo officially launched their M·A·C line from a counter in a Toronto department store.

Now a global manufacturer of makeup and skincare and the ultimate colour authority, M·A·C’s blend of street savvy and glamour and its link to fashion, beauty and culture has only strengthened its position, keeping the company on the edge.

Find your style with the latest cosmetic collection from M·A·C in our duty free Beauty stores.

Discover the modern elegant scents from the leading fashion house of Marc Jacobs. Expressing the designer’s fresh, sensuous, free, alluring and electrifying personal style, the fashion designer’s latest collection of luxurious men’s and women’s fragrances will ensure you express who you really are.

Find your new favourite Marc Jacobs’ fragrances now available at duty free prices in our YVR duty free Beauty stores.

World leader in nail care and colour, discover the affordable luxury range of OPI and its super rich, long-lasting, and chip-resistant nail lacquers.

Known for its exceptional formula, fashionable colors, heavily-pigmented lacquers, catchy names and ProWide brush for quicker and easier applications, OPI’s full line of professional treatments, lotions, tools and acrylics make it THE nail care and colour brand that will ensure you and your nails always stand out.

Find your colour with OPI’s renowned nail collection in our duty free Beauty stores on your next trip through YVR.

Powered by nature and proven by science – unearth the power of Origins’ award winning natural skincare range utilizing plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.

With a long-standing commitment to protect the planet, Origins use the highest quality of active and renewable plants, earth and sea substances in their collection of age-fighting, free-radical neutralizing, skin-firming, repairing and age correcting skincare range.

Clinically proving that nature repairs damaged skin, Origins high-performance skincare products are waiting for you at duty free prices in our Beauty stores in YVR.

Embrace the history of legendary America fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s Polo fragrances for men and women.

Defining American style since 1967 and introducing iconic fragrances since 1978, the Polo collection expresses a luxury lifestyle rich in sporting heritage, sophistication, elegance, romance and passion.

Find your Polo fragrance in our Beauty stores on your next trip through YVR.

A collection of the Italian luxury fashion house’s speciality fragrances are now on offer in our YVR duty free Beauty stores.

Seductive, passionate, daring, innovative and sensual, Prada’s contemporary range of high-quality luxury fragrances combine modern elegance with artesian traditions and classic perfumery.

Founded over 100 years ago, Prada is a worldwide empire of luxury fashion accessories. Find the new you with the luxury Italian house’s signature fragrances in our duty free Beauty stores at YVR.

Explore the exciting Japanese skincare, makeup and fragrance collection of Shiseido, one of the oldest and largest cosmetic companies in the world.

Stemming from its origins as an apothecary, Shiseido grew in an ‘east-meets-west’ world from 1872 into the luxury, advanced scientific research and development cosmetics corporation it is today.

Now with a full collection of leading makeup, skincare and fragrances for men and women, discover Shiseido on your next trip through our duty free Beauty stores at YVR.

Discover the elegance of plant-based beauty from prestigious French makeup, skincare and fragrance company, Sisley.

Launched in 1976 with the idea to use the best aspects of plants and essential oils in beauty products, today Sisley is an innovative, high-end world leader in luxury cosmetics offering targeted skincare solutions for every skin type.

Look after your skin with the latest collection of Sisley makeup, skincare and fragrances for men and women in our duty free Beauty stores. 

Perfumes from the legendary Italian design house of Valentino, now available for you at duty free prices in our Beauty stores in YVR.

For over fifty years the Valentino brand has been one of the most prominent names in fashion, creating some of the world’s most elegant eveningwear and classic designs.

With a perfume range dating back to 1978, classic and brilliant Valentino’s designer fragrances for men and women are full of history and will embody you with a blend of Italian luxury and style.

Discover the passionate fragrances for men and women from the world renowned high-end luxury Italian fashion house of Versace.

Unique, fresh, intense, beauty, seduction and desire – uncover the 40 years of fashion history in every bottle of luxury fragrance.

Embodying spirit and strength with radiance and passion, find your new luxury fragrance from our exotic Versace collection in our YVR duty free Beauty stores.

Explore the elegance of the great French fashion designer’s makeup, skincare and fragrance collection in our YVR duty free Beauty stores.

Fresh, free, elegant and sensuous – Yves Saint Laurent’s (YSL) modern classic fragrances, revitalizing skincare that address signs of aging and innovative makeup all feature in our duty free Beauty store collection.