World Duty Free is committed to giving back within our community.


School Essay Contest

Motivated to inspire local school children to read and write creatively, World Duty Free’s annual essay competition for Richmond elementary schools encourages creative writing and the opportunity for literary imaginations to take flight.

As a way to give back to local schools, the essay contest also sees the winning student’s schools receive cash-prizes to put toward improving their libraries.

Thank you to the 11 elementary schools who have participated in this year’s contest:

  • Blair Elementary (new)
  • Diefenbaker Elementary
  • Kathleen McNeely Elementary
  • Hamilton Elementary
  • Jessie Wowk Elementary
  • Manoah Steves Elementary
  • Mitchell Elementary (new)
  • Richmond Christian School
  • Tomekichi Homma Elementary
  • Westwind Elementary
  • William Bridge Elementary


Selected from numerous entries, World Duty Free wishes to congratulate the following students for their winning entries in the ‘Travel Through My Eyes’ school essay contest:


The winners for this year’s edition are:


Grade 7:

1st Place: Jason Bao (Archibald Blair Elementary)

2nd Place: Rachel Weng (Richmond Christian)

3rd Place: Evanie Martens (Richmond Christian)


Grade 6:

1st Place: Julia Lau (McNeely Elementary) 

2nd Place: Ella Kirkpatrick (Homma Elementary)

3rd Place: Regina Tang (Blair Elementary)



The next annual school essay contest will commence with the beginning of the new school year. World Duty Free applauds all students and schools for getting involved and an extra special congratulations to those with winning entries.